Welcome to Nez Perce Bio-Control

Mission Statement: 

The Nez Perce Bio Control Center provides a full service biological weed control program to landowners and managers throughout the Pacific Northwest, while also promoting opportunities and creating quality employment for Nez Perce people.

We strive to:

  1. Increase the availability of biological control for weeds. Increase the availability to organisms that are newly approved or are in limited supply in Idaho & Pacific Northwest.
  2. Provide bio-control training and technology transfer to landowners & managers.
  3. Redistribute bio-control agents from field insectaries to areas of need.
  4. Monitor past and current releases with cooperators to determine biological control agent presence or absence and track vegetation changes from representative areas utilizing the Standardized Impact Monitoring Protocol ( SIMP).
  5. Assist in the implementation of biological control of weeds in Idaho by managing the Statewide Biological Control Agent Release Database.